Top Five Pilot Schools in America

We all enjoy traveling around the globe, and we often take for granted the professionals who are taking us there – the airplane pilots. This post looks at the best pilot schools in America and what makes each of them unique.

Where you attend pilot schools depends largely on what type of license you want to get. If your desire is a private pilot’s license, there are any number of small flight schools located at most of the larger airports across the country. These schools teach the basics of flight. This course of instruction is broken down to ground school and flight school.

Ground school will teach you the basic principles of flight. This includes, but is not limited to weather training, communications training, aeronautical charts and navigation among other principles of small aircraft operation.

Learning To Fly

After you have mastered the basics, you get your chance to try them out in the real world via flight, first with an instructor, then by yourself, also known as solo. After you have demonstrated your proficiency behind the throttle, you earn your license.
If you want to earn your commercial pilot’s license, you need to invest more time to investigate your options, since the time and money required is considerably more. If you are intent on staying where you are, you also need to consider how close one of the larger and more prestigious institutions are to you.

Tops on the list are Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ and Daytona Beach, FL. University of North Dakota Grand Forks(UND) also offers an excellent aviation program. These schools have excellent programs, regardless of where you start from with experience. It is also worth noting that these institutions are known as the “Harvard’s of the Skies,” and with little wonder. These campuses are excellent and are well appointed to teach their subjects. Their aircraft and staffs are second to none.

If you have the grades to gain admission Purdue University as well as Ohio State University are also excellent schools that have long records of teaching aviation to a long list of distinguished alumni as well as being on the forefront of research in their field. It is little wonder that so many astronauts and others destined for fame in aviation have distinguished themselves first in these institutions.