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The Top 5 Destination Picks For Honeymooners Around The World

Before we get into the honeymoon, be sure you have your wedding night pre-honeymoon setup! Your best choice would be at a pricey hotel located near to where your reception was held. The pre-honeymoon suite should be kept secret, and reservations should be made for two days so you have time to unwind and prepare for your trip.
Number 1 Pick: Niagara Falls

You could go to the most traditional honeymoon capital of the world: Niagara Falls. There are many reasons why people chose Niagara Falls as a start to their married life. Daring the falls and being cleansed of the past is part of why many couples have chosen Niagara Falls as their honeymoon destination.
Number 2 Pick: Switzerland

There is nothing more romantic than staying at a mountain resort in Switzerland. The brave honeymooners who can bear to leave their downy mattresses, downy pillows, downy comforters and sit in an outdoor cafe consuming the most romantic food in the world can also brave the ski lifts that can take you to an eagles nest far above the world that makes Switzerland a heaven on earth. There are many ideal places in Switzerland, which makes it an easy pick. A travel agent should be consulted to fit in with the honeymooners budget and more personal needs.
Number 3 Pick: Miami

The hush romantic allure of Miami is in its soft sand that lets your feet sink in deep and get a nice foot massage. Miami is prepared to host you as they tourism industry has been one of the role models for many other locations around the world. They have some of the best customer service and many of their resorts rank high in the pampering factor! (if one existed)

There is so much to do in Miami, from clubbing to shopping to beach going and so much more! This makes it an awesome pick for honeymooners around the globe.
Number 4 Pick: Paris

The capital of France has got to be the most romantic city on Earth. The things to do are as simple as walking down the Champs Elysee and enjoying a treat from a street vendor to visiting the Louvre and escaping into one of the world’s most extravagant paintings. A taxi ride through the city will let the honeymooners feel cosmopolitan which will also help them to begin to feel as one person rather than two which is basically what a honeymoon is all about.
Number 5 Pick: Rhodes

If you can’t afford to visit Greece, you can choose the Bahamas. The similarity between Rhodes, Greece and Paradise Island, Bahamas is astounding. Honeymooners can enjoy the beaches, the people, the shops and the adventures that are equally available in both sites. A taxi driver can be the best tourist guide if the honeymooners haven’t already made plans with a bus tour company to visit exotic sites, feel the bonding of sharing in adventures and revel in the luxury of a quite hotel room and spa.