The Preggers Travel Guide – How To Minimize Discomfort In 5 Steps

You’re pregnant and this is one of the most amazing times in your life as you experience the miracle of life growing inside of you. As wonderful as it can be, you’ll find that comfort is an issue. This especially holds true when you feel like you’re carrying a bowling ball at all times! Traveling can be a challenge. Try five steps to minimize discomfort the next time you are on the go.

Wear Comfortable Clothing
The experts at remind you that personal comfort is key.It isn’t the time to worry about being a fashion plate. Choose attractive clothing that is loose and won’t make you feel constricted. Dress in layers as well. You’re likely to feel warmer during your pregnancy even when it’s cold outside. Avoid being overheated. Don’t wear anything that is tight around the waist.

Think Compression Leggings
Compression maternity leggings or stockings can truly feel like heaven. They’ll reduce swelling and improve your circulation while you’re on the road. They are beneficial at any time, but are especially helpful when you’re sitting for long stretches.

Watch What You Eat
Gas, bloating, and other forms of digestive discomfort are common when during pregnancy. These issues can be a problem at the best of times and are the last thing you want while traveling. Try eating several, small meals rather than large meals. Stay away from foods that give you heartburn or gas. You’ll also want to avoid drinking too much when you’re eating. Otherwise, you might end up with an upset stomach. Remain hydrated between meals. Remember to avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks because they could cause heartburn. Fried foods are likely to give you gas so choose wisely when stopping at fast food restaurants. If you tend to get nauseous if you don’t eat regularly, pack some items to snack on, such as crackers, fresh veggies, and high fiber cereal.

Make Frequent Stops
If you have the option to stop, do so. When pregnant, going in your own vehicle truly is the wisest choice because you will have more flexibility. It’s also best if someone else does the driving. Plan on stopping every hour or so to get out and stretch, take a walk, have a snack, and go to the bathroom. If you need to do so more often, listen to your body. It might take you longer to get there, but you’ll be more comfortable in the long run.

Bring a Pillow
A pillow can be helpful while you are traveling, whether you place at the base of your spine, against your hip, or between your legs. Try reclining in your seat as well. Find a position that works for you and the baby in order to have smooth sailing while on a journey.

Get Your Rest
Listen to your body once again and rest. Take cat naps while on the road and plan on overnight stops if you are on a long trip. Once you arrive, give yourself a chance to recharge before jumping into activities.

Traveling while pregnant might mean some creative maneuvers, but you can still have a pleasant trip. When there’s a baby on board, take time to be good to yourself and enjoy the ride.