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Must Visit Locations for RTW

The best places to include on your itinerary for your RTW trip are the countries and cities you want to see most. Despite all of the reviews both good and bad you should always go where you want to if possible on an RTW. That said, we have some recommendations for your RTW trip, including the many of the best places to backpack.

Boracay, Philippines

Beautiful beaches and a short flight from Manila, even this popular tourist destination is neglected like most of the Philippines by RTWers. The Philippine islands of which there are over 4,000 hold some of the most varied environments in the world. Of those islands Boracay is a trip we highly recommend, one look at the night sky and you wont be disappointed. More information: Backpacking in the Philippines

The Outback, Australia

A backpackers dream, the Outback is a lot of rugged territory you can cover easily by getting an Austrail Pass for unlimited train travel for 6 months at around $800. Many RTWers don’t plan enough time for Australia and neighboring New Zealand which both could easily take a month of a 1 year RTW trip.

Thailands Beaches

Its hard to argue with this one since so many travelers, backpackers, and RTWers end up in Thailand. There are stunning beaches there, some overcrowded and others not quite as full of tourists. The further north of Phuket you get the better off you’ll be.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The location of the city, airport status as a hub, and well integrated bus system makes Buenos Aires an ideal place for RTWers to spend some time. Its close to Uruguay and Brazil, both of which you can reach for a rather inexpensive bus fare. You can also head south and see Antarctica or visit Chile. There is also the city and culture of Buenos Aires itself, a very diverse place.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Another RTW destination that is near many great places to see and travel, Johannesburg is an vibrant city. The subway system makes it easy to get around and by following some basic safety tips it can easily be one of your favorite RTW stops.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a booming tourism industry due to its relative political stability in Central America. Also boasting beautiful beaches, Costa Rica is well known for its adventure sports. Its a bit more expensive in Costa Rica than neighboring Nicaragua or Panama but you can get to either easily by bus. An excellent way to explore the region on your RTW trip.