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Hostels in the Australian Outback

While more than 90% of Australians live in the urban coastal areas of the country, the Australian Outback draws in backpackers from around the world every year. The Outback contains an insight into Australias rich culture and indigenous peoples. Navigating this vast territory could take up to six months if you allow it to, and hostels could fill fast if you don’t plan accordingly. Here are some recommended hostels in parts of the Outback you are bound to visit.

Alice Lodge Backpackers

Alice Springs is the second largest town in the Northern Territory and one of the most popular destinations for travelers in the Australian Outback. The town of Alice Springs is a good example of the European and Aboriginal influences on modern Australia, with art galleries and exhibitions displaying this regions diverse culture. The Camel Cup is a popular camel racing event in town, giving you another unique reason to spend a few days here.

Alice Lodge Backpackers hostel is located a close 5 minute walk from the center of town. A relatively small hostel, Alice Lodge Backpackers offers all of the amenities to keep travelers comfortable. The hostel offers a free wi-fi connection, free breakfast, free airport pickup, a swimming pool, washing machines, and more. Top rated on Hostel Bookers for cleanliness among other things, a one night stay here will cost you beginning at about $23.80 USD.

Dingo Moon Lodge

Darwin, appropriately named after Charles Darwin, is the capital of the Northern Territory (the region that Alice Springs is also a part of), and has almost triple the population of Alice Springs. A popular attraction for locals and tourists are the weekly markets, such as the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, that have almost anything you’d like to buy (including food!) and street performers.

As for accommodations, there are several budget hotels and hostels throughout Darwin. The Dingo Moon Lodge is rated high on Hostel Bookers and a recommended place to stay. The Lodge is near the city center and was renovated recently. Free wi-fi access is available in the entire facility, and the Dingo Moon Lodge provides a complimentary breakfast as well as free tea, coffee, and other drinks. Prices for one night here will cost upwards of about $26.39 USD. Also, be sure to put the free access to laundry machines to good use before continuing on your trip around the Outback.

Kimberley Klub

Broome is located in the Kimberley region in Western Australia. It is a popular tourist destination, with tourists comprising of more than double its population during the peak season. The beaches in Broome are picturesque tropical beaches with white sands and turquoise waters. Cable beach is Broomes famous beach, and is home to one of Australias most well known nudist beaches.

The Kimberley Klub budget accommodation is located in the center of Broome. With a pool, and entertainment such as pool tables, a theater, and more, you will never get bored during your stay here. The facility offers wi-fi in designated areas, but for a small fee. A one night stay in the 12-bed dorm room will cost about $30 USD.