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Five Destinations That will Stretch Your Dollar

The American dollar is a powerhouse of currency that is known throughout the world. While it fluctuates in value in comparison to other forms of currency such as the Swiss Franc or European Union’s Euro, when it is compared to other countries, the Dollar can be used to the fullest extent in many places around the world. For some places, having 20 dollars will let a person eat like a King or Queen.
Destination One: Philippines

The Philippines is one such place that the dollar actually holds a tremendous amount of value. The Philippine Peso pales in comparison to the American dollar, and only holds a mere fraction of the value. Considering the circumstances, this is one place where those who have American money are considered in high regard and will generally be treated as such.
Destination Two: China

China is a great nation that produces perhaps about 75% of products that are sold in the United States of America. This is mainly because the cost of labor in China is very cheap. With that said, many American companies have outsourced manufacturing to be done in this particular country. The cost of living is much lower here, and because of this, the American dollar can actually be put to a great amount of use in this country.
Destination Three: Hong Kong

Very closely seated to China, Hong Kong is another great nation that provides many goods and services to the Americas. While this place is more economically sound in its own right, the dollar will actually go a very long way in this bustling country. Food, travel, and lodging will actually add up very cheaply for those who have a good amount of cash to spend.
Destination Four: New Zealand

This nation located in the South Pacific is home to great nature and excellent scenery. One New Zealand Dollar is about the equivalent of seventy seven American Cents, and the cost of living is slightly cheaper. With that said, people who come to this country from the U.S. will find themselves pleasantly surprised at the hospitality and will have their breath taken when they see the natural beauty of New Zealand.
Destination Five: Vietnam

Southeast Asia is a great place for Americans, namely for the cheap travel packages that can be bought and ridiculously cheap accommodations. The dollar goes a very long way in this beautiful country. With much history concerning the relationship between these two nations, one might be surprised to find that Vietnam is very welcoming to Westerners from the U.S.

While the U.S. Dollar fluctuates in price, these destinations are really great places to stretch the dollar for all it’s worth and have an exceptionally memorable trip.