Golfing in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a haven for golfers looking for the same appeal that golfing in Florida offers with its nice weather and scenic backdrops, without having to drive an extra couple of hundred miles down the east coast. Myrtle Beach is family friendly with so much to do, including spending the day on a golf course. The best time to go golfing in Myrtle Beach is in the summer months because that is when courses are cheapest. Conveniently, this is when beach goers flock to the area a great excuse to plan a beach trip with family or friends and also spend some time golfing. Prices for tee times can drop by almost 50% if you go at the right time of year. Needless to say, fall and winter months are when golfers are in some force in the area, but the peak season, the time when courses are looking…

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Hostels in the Australian Outback

While more than 90% of Australians live in the urban coastal areas of the country, the Australian Outback draws in backpackers from around the world every year. The Outback contains an insight into Australias rich culture and indigenous peoples. Navigating this vast territory could take up to six months if you allow it to, and hostels could fill fast if you don’t plan accordingly. Here are some recommended hostels in parts of the Outback you are bound to visit. Alice Lodge Backpackers Alice Springs is the second largest town in the Northern Territory and one of the most popular destinations for travelers in the Australian Outback. The town of Alice Springs is a good example of the European and Aboriginal influences on modern Australia, with art galleries and exhibitions displaying this regions diverse culture. The Camel Cup is a popular camel racing event in town, giving you another unique reason…

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Airport Parking Long Term?

If you are used to flying in and out of the airport but you usually get there in ways other than your car then you might like to consider the other option that is open to you which is airport parking. Airport parking can be a great way of making your trip to the airport to catch your flight very convenient, quick and efficient. One of the major plus points that comes with being able to park your car right near to the airport terminal is that you can take your time getting to the airport without having to worry about public transport fares, timetables or having to rely on a lift in the early hours of the morning from a friend or family member. There are all sorts of options that are open to you when you choose to use airport parking and you can make it so that…

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Must Visit Locations for RTW

The best places to include on your itinerary for your RTW trip are the countries and cities you want to see most. Despite all of the reviews both good and bad you should always go where you want to if possible on an RTW. That said, we have some recommendations for your RTW trip, including the many of the best places to backpack. Boracay, Philippines Beautiful beaches and a short flight from Manila, even this popular tourist destination is neglected like most of the Philippines by RTWers. The Philippine islands of which there are over 4,000 hold some of the most varied environments in the world. Of those islands Boracay is a trip we highly recommend, one look at the night sky and you wont be disappointed. More information: Backpacking in the Philippines The Outback, Australia A backpackers dream, the Outback is a lot of rugged territory you can cover…

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Booking your Round the World Tickets

One of the most common questions people have about RTW trips is where to start looking for tickets. Most people actually may not even be aware that RTW tickets and plans are available. Both Star Alliance and One World offer RTW ticket plans but thats only one of your options. It is possible to organize your own RTW by booking in advance and using individual flights. That’s a bit trickier though since you’ll have to do some serious planning and pricing to compare with a package deal. Finally, you can always go by winging it at each destination but this is almost always the most expensive option, not to mention a difficult one to organize if you’re on a tight time frame. A year sounds like a lot of time to travel around the world but once you hit the road, you’ll quickly realize how fast time can fly and…

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How To Plan An Round the World Trip

An RTW is a trip round the world and involves much more planning than a simple 2 week vacation. An RTW typically lasts for around a year or more and while RTW tickets help to organize and determine your schedule, there is also a great deal of flexibility you’ll have during your RTW trip. Everyone plans an RTW differently based on where they want to go, the time in their life (i.e. taking a gap year), and of course budget. This is just a basic recommended RTW planning outline designed to help guide you to mapping out your trip and plans. Planning an RTW is exciting from the moment the idea pops in your head to take an RTW trip around the world. Making The Decision To Take An RTW This is the first step that’s required for all of your other plans to come in to being. You may…


Need Help Finding Travel Bargains for January?

Travel during the weeks of January is actually one of the best kept secrets. Most people do tend to get sick of travel during the holidays when many of us return home to spend time with family and friends. However, if you’ve ever felt the need for a vacation from your vacation, a little trip during the slower winter months could be just the thing you’re looking for. Vacations and Price Hunting Of course, we all need to make the most of our hard-earned income, so getting a fantastic deal on a trip somewhere delightful is a key consideration. So, how can you maximize your money and your time to get a wonderful journey and destination for good value? You could visit the websites that offer deals on travel and accommodations. While they all tend to work together to fix the prices, there are some legitimate savings to be had….

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What Are the 10 Biggest Travel Expenses?

Planning a trip is always fun and exciting but it’s important to be aware of all the expenses involved. It’s easy to underestimate how much travel will cost. To help you keep track of the many costs of travel, let’s look at the 10 top expenses you are likely to face. 1. Airfare If you are flying, your airfare is going to be one of your biggest expenses. Earning miles with travel clubs is a good way to reduce airfare or, in some cases, score some free trips. 2. Hotels This is another category of expense where you can often save money by planning ahead for the best deals. Hotels, like airfare, can also be paid for using travel miles. 3. Food and Drink This is one of the most underestimated expenses on many trips. The cost of meals and beverages adds up quickly, especially if you patronize high end…

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Your Budget Travel Guide: Where To Go & When To Go For The Best Deals

As much as you love the idea of traveling, you probably aren’t fond of the costs that you face. Even a simple trip to a neighboring state can involve dropping hundreds of dollars on gas and a hotel room. Factor in the cost of tickets to popular attractions and events or a flight, and you’ll pay even more for your trip. No matter where you want to travel, find out when the best time to travel is and where you should go to get big deals. Disney World and Other Parks Disney World is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, but Disney also owns a handful of parks around the world. Many visitors think that they will always see long lines and crowds of people, but these parks aren’t always as busy as you might think. Planning your trip during September or the early fall is one…


The Idiot’s Guide To The American US Airways Merger

One of the more interesting stories in the financial news over recent months has been the merger of American Airlines and US Airways. The $17 billion merger created a variety of legal entanglements in regard to anti-trust requirements that held up the merger for several years. However, the problems were eventually resolved, and the two companies announced the finalization of the merger on December 9, 2013. History of the Merger Rumors of a possible merger began almost as soon as American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection in 2011. Negotiation over labor contracts began almost immediately, and this willingness to iron out difference became that sign that both parties saw the advantages of joining forces. The airline industry saw a number of mergers over recent years, and both American and US Airways could see the writing on the wall. American needed to add more destinations and planes to get there. US…