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Airport Parking Long Term?

If you are used to flying in and out of the airport but you usually get there in ways other than your car then you might like to consider the other option that is open to you which is airport parking.

Airport parking can be a great way of making your trip to the airport to catch your flight very convenient, quick and efficient. One of the major plus points that comes with being able to park your car right near to the airport terminal is that you can take your time getting to the airport without having to worry about public transport fares, timetables or having to rely on a lift in the early hours of the morning from a friend or family member.

There are all sorts of options that are open to you when you choose to use airport parking and you can make it so that whichever option you choose it fits in with your holiday budget.

The cheapest option is the park and ride service that is available from the independent car parks which are usually situated about 2 to 3 miles away from the airport itself. These car parks will allow you to park your car in their secure car park for the duration of your holiday or business trip and offer you a complimentary bus service to the airport. These services run regularly and usually run 24 hours a day. However, it is probably worth checking this with each car park as if you have an early morning or late night flight you will need to make sure that there are provisions for you getting to the airport terminal at that time.

If you are happy to spend a little more money on the service then you can always request the valet service from a car park that is situated off the airport site. This means that you will drive your car straight to the airport and meet a driver from the company at the pick-up and drop-off point. They will then take your car and park it for you in their car park. On your return journey you will be able to meet them at the same place and drive away from the airport straight away. Many people find the valet service very handy as it takes a lot of time and hassle off their journey.

For those of you who really value convenience then you can always use the car parks at the airports themselves. These are usually a little more expensive as they are only a moment’s walk from the airport building. These car parks usually get booked up fairly quickly so it is wise to book your space as soon as you book your flight.

There is airport parking at most of the airports in the UK including Heathrow Parking, Gatwick Parking and Liverpool Airport Parking.