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5 Things To Do in Jamaica You Don’t Want to Miss

The brochure of Jamaican vacation that you picked up at the grocery store undoubtedly lists all inclusive resorts in Jamaica, but unfortunately, fails to mention what Jamaica’s real treasure is – surfing venues. The list below gives you a glimpse of where you can find the best ones, to make that sea-themed vacation a memorable one.

All Inclusive Vacations Jamaica – Brian’s Windsurfing

Brian’s windsurfing is designed with professionals as well as novice surfers in mind. The mild weather sets the right atmosphere to being with. You can relax under the sun while eating breakfast or hit the water and stay as long as you intend to. People can experience quite a bit of adventures like waves raising to almost 6ft. Brian’s provide all types of quality equipment and even instructions on surfing. Boards vary in size and brand such as Dropps, Ezzy, Gastra, Hifly and Tushingham. There are private rigs where kids can play safely under the guidance and vigilance of special instructors.

Fotos El Gran Canaria Wind&Waves Festival 2012 Pozo Izquierdo

White River Valley Jamaica

It goes to say that if anyone can get into water, then anyone can try to surf in the sea. The mistake that most people make when it comes to surfing, is that many of them actually dread the water. But this is the easy part. Instructors in this center will show you how. White River Valley is infact a hidden paradise in Ocho Rios Jamaica and unlike many beaches, it has an inviting look with exotic birds chirping all the day on one side and the sound of the sea on the other.

Ray’s Water Sports

Ray’s water sports is located on Negril beach. If you want to be a ‘real professional surfer’ before you can compete in a real world challenge, listen to what the trainers in this longest operating surfing business say. ‘Fly with Ray’s’ is their slogan and they have discovered what it takes to be a surfer within a short period of time, honed the skill of teaching, and turned themselves into a successful establishment.

MoBay Undersea Tours

Apart from surfing lessons, MoBay Undersea Tours, as the name suggests offers a complete exploring experience in its special vessel called ‘Coral See’, which gives a panoramic view of the colorful fishes and marine creatures of the Montego Bay Park. This is going to be the most important adventure of your lifetime because here you will learn features of the sea from the experts without getting yourself wet.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures and All Inclusive Jamaica

It is common but true statement to note that ‘do what you love and the adventure will follow’. So, with a 30 minute drive through the hilly areas of Ocho Rios, you will end up in a Spanish Bridge, where the real adventure starts. Here, every person is assigned the equipment needed to gravitate back and forth the adventurous trail.